Ocoee Outreach Strategic Blueprint

Our Belief
Stakeholders & Partners
Key Strategic Guiding Principles

To Restore Homes & Renew Hope for those living in need to Reach Hearts with the Gospel

We envision utilizing the tools of home repair and outreach initiatives to transform homes into safer living environments and to transform lives for eternity so that every person we encounter will be given the opportunity to say "yes" to Jesus

Compelled by the Love of Jesus | Called to Make Disciples | Connect Church & Community | Support the Dignity of All | Enjoy Serving | Improve the Neighborhood | Serve Responsibly

God's plan for us revealed in the Bible is that all who trust in Jesus Christ, God's Son as their Lord & Savior will one day spend eternity with Him in Heaven. In response to God's unwavering love, mercy, and grace towards us, we are to serve and to share His love and message with others.

Homeowners/Families | Church Mission Teams/Volunteers | Staff & Board | CrossNet Baptist Network | Local Churches | Grant Partners & Donors | Suppliers/Vendors | Community Sevice Ministries & Organizations



Acts 1:8

Strategic Focus

Evangelism & Discipleship

Matthew 28:19-20


Colossians 3:17

Organizational Development

Ephesians 4:16

Financial Management

Luke 16:10

Development & Raising Funds

Matthew 6:33

A Network of Christians & Churches advancing the Kingdom of God

In all we do, be intentional in telling others about Jesus and to fulfill the Great Commission

Home repair & community outreach are the tools for Chrsitain service and witness

Church & community connected enabling Ocoee Outreach to fulfill its mission

Good & faithful stewardship of all resources entrusted to Ocoee Outreach

Follow the Holy Spirit's leading as God grows Ocoee Outreach

M1: Thriving Ministry w/Stakeholders

M2: Christ-Centered

M3: Strongly Engaged/

Connected with the Church

M4: Resource the local church

E1: Relationship-Based

E2: Equip Mission Team Members in sharing the Gospel

E3: Gospel conversation with all we encounter

E4: Empower the local church to share life & disciple new believers

O1: God honoring home owner experience

O2: A thorough & time effective assessment phase

O3: Equip/mobilize /assign mission teams & volunteers to ministry sites based on skill

O4: Cost effective & timely procurement- materials/ equipment

O5: Safety & quality commitment

OD1: Solid management/ leadership

OD2: Strategic partnerships

OD3: Consistently evaluating to improve

OD4: Leadership development w/College staff & construction coordinators

OD5: Marketing, promotion, communication, & awareness

F1: Quality financial management & tracking of income & expenses

F2: Thorough grant reporting & documentation

F3: Financially sound short term & long term

F4: Maximize cash flow & resources

D1: Cultivating & retaining grant partners & donors

D2: New grant partners, discover of other funding avenues