Since the Supreme Court, many of you have asked questions. It has left you wondering, "What does this mean for our churches?"

Many of our churches have been working on Constitution and By-Laws changes over the past couple of years for the day we now live in. To help answer some of your questions I have assembled different resources for you to consider. Additional resources will be available for you in the near future.

Let me encourage you to look over the links provided for you (on the right) and review your church's current documents.

In May 2014, the Kentucky Baptist Convention held a Protecting Biblical Marriage conference, during which leaders from across the country discussed the challenging issue of same-sex marriage and how churches can protect themselves legally while still showing grace toward the LGBTQ+ community.

Click HERE to visit the Kentucky Baptist Convention's "Protecting Biblical Marriage" page. There you will find videos and other resources that will help.
I hope this helps. I am praying for you as you navigate the headwinds of social change.

In His Grace,
Phil Taylor

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