Sharing the Gospel

Dear Church Family,

There are some exciting things happening at the Bradley Baptist Association. We have been very busy in reaching out and sharing the good news of Jesus Christ with our local community and abroad.

Our current session at the Christian Women's Job Corps is off to a great start. Through our life skill classes and Christian mentors, we are able to bring the hope of Jesus Christ to women in need in our community. One of our students recently wrote us the following note:

I was homeless and had to live in a shelter with my son for about four months. My faith was shattered and I became hopeless. I had no place to live, and I was far away from my family and friends. One particular day, I went to an agency to get food and clothing for myself and my son. While visiting there, a staff member gave me the phone number for the Christian Women’s Job Corps.... After attending the sessions for a couple of weeks, my life started to change. I was strengthened spiritually, and my hope was restored. I was encouraged by prayer, biblical teaching, and the mentorship program. The leaders and staff of the CWJC constantly encouraged me and prayed for me and my son. During my time of training, I was given the task to set achievable goals, identify my roadblocks, and work on ways to overcome my roadblocks.... As a result, I am now enrolled at Cleveland State Community College as a full time student majoring in nursing! I am grateful to God for all he has done in my life, and for all the people that he has pl