Report from South Africa

Dear Prayer Partners,

I want to thank you for praying for us. We received an invitation over a year ago to speak at the Seeking God for Revival Leadership Conference in Phalaborwa ,South Africa. The purpose of this conference was to bring pastors, elders and church leaders together to hear the message of revival and prayer. It was a huge success with 39 pastors and 41 church leaders in attendance.

These pastors have never been in the same room together and they represent the next gathering, where they plan to rent a local stadium for prayer, repentance and worship. They are moving forward and will come together as the people of God with a burden for revival in South Africa.

After our conference we stayed to preach at local churches and I had the privilege to preach at the Church of the Nazarene. This growing church is only seven years old and they are already starting two new churches. At the conclusion of the sermon ten young men, all in their 20’s, professed faith in Jesus Christ.

From Phalaborwa we traveled to Barberton, South Africa to Back to the Bible College, which is discipling students from 22 nations. Most of these students come from countries where Christians are being persecuted and martyred. While we were here a report came to a student from home where a family member was burned for not denouncing Jesus.

These students plan to go back home, to the ends of the earth, and disciple new believers. Some will become pastors and missionaries, and others will go for further training in nursing, agriculture, and law, where God will use them in the market place. I met an Ethiopian man who is 24 and he is training to come to the USA and start a new church.

The subjects of our lectures were Calling and Revival. In addition to speaking to the second year students, we were the guest speakers in chapel each morning. Chapel started at 6:30 AM, and the auditorium had standing room only. It is exciting to see what God is doing here and to have a brief moment with these 160 students.

Click here to see photos of the trip.

In His Grace, Phil Taylor

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