Our Busy Summer Ministries

Dear Church Family,

June is here and our busy summer is in full swing. Our Ocoee Outreach staff have been in training this past week so that they can be properly prepared when our out-of-state teams arrive starting the first week of June. Thank you to all our participating churches who make these out-of-state workers feel so loved and welcomed by opening up your church doors to them for fellowship and service.

Vacation Bible School is basically here and it looks like we will have another full season this year. We have heard from many of you regarding your VBS dates and your association will be a resource for you anyway we can. If you have not provided us your VBS dates, please do so. All provided VBS dates will be featured on our online associational calendar at bradleybaptist.org.

As you know due to security issues in Kenya, we had to make the difficult decision to cancel our mission trip to Mombasa. However, God has opened the door for our team to now go to Romania. We will join local pastors to reach the Roma people for Christ in Constanta, Romania. Most commonly referred to as Gypsies, the Roma are the largest minority group in Europe. We will share the Gospel with children through day camps, VBS and more. We will also spend some time doing street evangelism and evangelism events. Please be praying for our dedicated team as they prepare for this trip. For more information, about the Roma and what we will be doing in Romania, please visit romaministries.com.

Sunday morning, March 30, 2014, was the last service for Stuart Park Baptist Church. It was a special service and a special time for many former members who came back. I am grateful for the faithfulness and sacrificial giving of this fellowship during these difficult times. Please pray for the former members of Stuart Park as they find a new church home.

Even while we have watched the end of Stuart Park Baptist Church, we have seen the birth of a new church in our city of Cleveland. This new church has already doubled in size and had its first baptism service on Easter Sunday. After a very thorough presentation and discussion, your Administrative Leadership Team made the recommendation that the new City Church be able to utilize the former Stuart Park property. This recommendation was approved unanimously. More details of this transition and the new church start can be found in my upcoming Beacon article. If you are not already a Beacon subscriber, please contact the association. There is no charge for the subscription.

As always thank you for your partnership.

In His Grace,

Phil Taylor

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