Ministry Update

Dear Church Family,

I pray this letter finds you well. I wanted to let you know about some of the exciting ministries that are happening within your Bradley Baptist Association. We are very busy in working with you in reaching out and sharing the Gospel to our community and abroad.

As our VITA Tax ministry enters its third year, we are seeing a renewed interest in spiritual matters from our community and, as a result, we are seeing more activity than ever before in this ministry. One of our tax volunteers recently commented to me about how people have really opened up and are willing to hear the Good News and receive Jesus Christ as their personal savior! God is moving!

During Spring Break week in March, we will be sending individuals from several of our churches to Long Island, New York. Our team will be sharing Christ while repairing homes damaged by Hurricane Sandy. Our team members are continuing their training in preparation for this trip. Randy Bonner, your Ministry Evangelism Director, says that we especially need prayer regarding our transportation logistics and travel arrangements coming together. Imagine 150 people in approximately 15 vehicles, traveling 16 hours to Long Island, NY! For many people, it is difficult enough when taking trips with two vehicles, so you can imagine 15! Indeed, there is certainly more to missions than most realize!

Please be praying for God's provision for our next international mission trip. International missions are by nature expensive. Our students have paid their initial deposit and must now begin raising the rest of the money for the trip. Sadly, I just recently received an email where one of our students had to drop out due to the financial demands of the trip. This student was unable to raise the needed amount in the time frame needed, but plans on saving up for a trip in 2015. If God lays on your heart to give toward this mission trip, please contact the association.

Finally, thank you for your partnership. These ministries and mission trips would not be possible without faithful churches and their members. Thank you for being a part in helping reach others for the Kingdom.

In His Grace,

Phil Taylor

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