Love Cleveland & Our Annual Homecoming

Once again it is time to prepare for our Annual Homecoming. Our summer is over and your clerks have received their annual church profile packets. I know many of you will be having your business meetings starting this September. We will be praying for each of you as your church prepares for the coming year.

Regarding this year's Annual Meeting/Homecoming, it will be held on Sunday night October 19th at Philippi Baptist Church. We will have two sessions similar to last year: one in the afternoon for business starting at 4:30PM and a worship/celebration service at 6:30PM. Please encourage your messengers and other church members to join us for this special worship service. Several churches will be moving their evening service to Philippi for that night.

The 6:30PM session will be a special worship/homecoming celebration. Let us celebrate what God is doing via your church in our Jerusalem, our Judea, our Samaria, and the Uttermost parts of the earth.

Our Love Cleveland ministry initiative starts this September. Each Saturday this September over thirty of our associational churches will be joining together to love our community through powerful servant evangelism. It is our prayer that God will show His power, touch lives and changes hearts. The fact that so many of our churches are joining together can send a powerful message into people’s lives. If your church has not signed up and wishes to participate, please contact Randy Bonner at the association office. It is not too late to mobilize your church!

We are also excited to be able to return to Romania in 2015! Our team was very blessed to be able to work with Bob and Gayle Hill as well as Kevin and Lisa Kail in Cernavoda, Romania. We will return to continue the work we started in reaching out to the Roma people (often referred to as Gypsies). We will once again be sharing the Gospel via day camps, VBS, street evangelism and more. We will also minister to the Roma people via light construction/repair and paint jobs. These mission trips are such a blessing and make a huge impact on our future church leaders. Below is a quote from one of this year’s participants. "This mission trip has taught me to show love to those who are different than myself; that's the love of Jesus. I have chosen to go back to Romania because God has called me to this place, and to share this great love with these beautiful people. I encourage you to step out of your comfort zone and let God use you!" —Kenzie Terry (College Freshman)

Without your support these ministry projects, like our Romania mission trip, would not be possible. Thank you for partnering with other churches as your church seeks to reach a lost and dying world.

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