COVID-19 Update

Updated: Oct 25, 2021

Dear CrossNet Baptist Network Community,

As the concern for coronavirus (COVID-19) is extended to U.S. cities, please join us in praying for the safety and well-being of our churches and our communities. Pray for those who have been and will be affected by the virus. Pray for medical professionals. Pray for medical researchers. Pray for government leaders. Pray for leaders of schools, universities, businesses, churches, and other places where people gather. Pray for everyone who feels scared or panicked. Then pray for opportunities to share the eternal hope we have in Christ with people who are worried about the fragility of life. We are living in great days where we have the opportunity to share hope through Jesus.

We encourage you to seek reliable information and following guidelines established by governmental organizations including the following:

Trusted medical experts, such as

Johns Hopkins University .

Many of our Southern Baptist denominational agencies have and will be suggesting additional guidelines, including the

International Mission Board and Tennessee Baptist Mission Board.

As our local churches decide about how their congregation needs to react to the coronavirus and make important decisions about Worship Services & gatherings, we urge you to establish a response plan and communicate clearly to your members. Let us know how we can assist you. We will keep you updated on ideas we hear of how other churches are rethinking Worship Services in the short term such as live streaming through social media platforms such as Facebook Live.

Consider establishing a task force consisting of church staff, key ministry leaders and as well as licensed safety and medical personnel. This task force should be responsible for monitoring local conditions using information from local and state departments, the CDC and FEMA. Be Pro-active in considering how you can meet some needs that could become more prevalent in the days ahead such as developing a plan to gather/deliver supplies, groceries, meals to shut-ins, the elderly in your community and those that could become quarantined … while keeping a safe distance and avoiding direct contact. You might discover you will have a host of volunteers that might be off from work the next couple of weeks willing to serve in a safe capacity.

The biggest and most important thing to remember is that you should not panic, but you can be prepared and aware.

You can help prevent getting sick by not being around those who are sick. If you are sick, don't go out unless it's to seek medical attention.

We will keep you updated on information or initiatives we become aware of through our local, state and national partnerships. We are Praying for you!

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