Church Revitalization

Dear Church Family,

Church revitalization is an important topic and must not be ignored if we are to maintain healthy and growing churches. Revitalization is the work church leaders do to ensure that the conditions of God are met for revival, so that the people of God are prepared when He begins to move. Your association offers training and assistance in revitalization through our many ministries. If you would like us to help revitalize your church, please let us know.

One sure way to revitalize a church is to serve others in your community. In fact, Jesus was the greatest servant the world has ever known. We must cultivate a heart to serve others in Jesus name. One book that I am available to teach to your church helps pinpoint definite steps toward serving others. It is called Servolution: Starting a Church Revolution Through Serving. It identifies a simple, three step process:

  1. Identify the Needs: Look around your community to see needs your church can help meet. Ask your congregation and community leaders for ideas. It won't take much time before you realize that there are many ways you can serve your community.Our Ocoee Outreach home repair ministry in the summer and Project Helping Hands during the holiday season are perfect examples of meeting people where their needs are.

  2. Share the Vision: Help your church understand why serving is so important. Preach a sermon series about serving and outreach. Have your leadership team read a book about community service. Lead a small group study. Write a newsletter article. Use whatever means you have in order to communicate the heart behind serving others.

  3. Take A Step: Servolution does not have to begin with a weeklong initiative filled with hundreds of service opportunities. Instead, it can begin with a single church-wide service project or by encouraging each of your small groups or Sunday School classes to participate in a service project. No matter where you start, the important thing is that you take a step.

We will soon be launching our Love Cleveland ministry this September. This will be an association-wide emphasis to mobilize churches to love the people of Cleveland into a relationship with Jesus Christ with servant evangelism. The idea is to saturate our community with God’s love by expressing it through practical acts of kindness. This can help break down barriers and help ready a person's heart to receive the Good News. If your church would like to know more about this ministry, please contact Randy Bonner at the association office.

Another wonderful way to serve others is through international missions. Later this month myself and about twenty of your fellow church members will be traveling to Romania to share the Gospel with the Roma people. Please pray for our dedicated mission team from North Cleveland, Gum Springs and Clingan Ridge as we are on mission in Romania. We will be working with IMB Missionaries Bob & Gayle Hill, Kevin & Lisa Kail in Cernavoda, Romania. We will share the Gospel with children through day camps, VBS and more. We will also spend some time doing street evangelism and evangelism events. Finally, we will minister to the Roma people in Cernavoda through light construction/repair and paint jobs.

In His Grace,

Phil Taylor

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