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The CrossNet Baptist Network has many media resources available for our churches to use. The list below briefly describes the material and indicates whether it is currently available or if another church is using it at this time. You may call 423-476-5493 and reserve materials in advance. Most of these leader kits include videos, 1 leader guide, 1 member guide. You will need to purchase additional member guides from LifeWay Resources. These resources are available only to area churches

  1. "Building Your Dream Team" Categories:  Spiritual Growth & Renewal

  2. "Spiritual Gifts: Aligning Your Ministry To Your People" Categories:  Spiritual Growth & Renewal,  Church Resources

  3. "The ABCs of Postmodern Christianity Categories:  Spiritual Growth & Renewal,  Church Resources

  4. "The Equipping Church" Categories:  Spiritual Growth & Renewal,  Church Resources

  5. 30 Days to Experiencing Spiritual Breakthroughs Categories:  Spiritual Growth & Renewal,

  6. A Marriage Without Regrets 

  7. A Year In The Psalms Categories:  Books for Salel

  8. Call Me Bill Categories:  Books for Sale, 

  9. Catalyst Reverb Categories:  Spiritual Growth & Renewal, 

  10. Catalyst: A Study for Next Generation Leaders Vol. 3: Courageous in Calling Categories:  Church Resources, 

  11. CCN Small Group Categories:  Church Resources, 

  12. Christian Songs That Stir the Heart Categories:  Books for Sale, 

  13. Churches that Change Lives Part One Categories:  Spiritual Growth & Renewal,  Church Resources, 

  14. Clingan Ridge Baptist Church 60th Anniversary 1938-1998 Categories:  Church Resources, 

  15. Constitution and Operations Manual and Strategy Planning Report Categories:  Church Resources, 

  16. Deacons: Growing in Character and Commitment Categories:  Church Resources, 

  17. Deacons: Partners in Ministry and Growth Categories:  Church Resources, 

  18. Essentials for the On Mission Church Sp. Ed. Hope in Uncertain Times Categories:  Spiritual Growth & Renewal, 

  19. Esther, It's Tough Being A Woman Categories: 

  20. Experiencing God Categories:  Spiritual Growth & Renewal,  Church Resources, 

  21. Experiencing God As Couples Categories:  Spiritual Growth & Renewal, 

  22. Experiencing God Revised and Expanded Leader's Kit Categories:  Spiritual Growth & Renewal, 

  23. Experiencing Spiritual Breakthroughs Categories:  Spiritual Growth & Renewal, 

  24. Fingerprints of God Categories: 

  25. Fingerprints of God: Recognizing God's Touch on Your Life Categories:  Spiritual Growth & Renewal, 

  26. Five Love Languages of Children Categories:  Children's Ministries, 

  27. Freedom for Mothers Categories:  Women's Ministries, 

  28. Fresh Encounter Categories:  Spiritual Growth & Renewal,  Church Resources, 

  29. From Heaven's View Categories:  Spiritual Growth & Renewal, 

  30. From the Corn Field Into God's Vineyard Categories:  Books for Sale, 

  31. Glimpse of Grace Categories:  Books for Sale, 

  32. Golden State Missions Offering Categories:  Church Resources, 

  33. Good News America, God Loves You New Testament KJV Categories:  Church Resources, 

  34. Good News New Testament and Psalms Categories:  Church Resources, 

  35. Grief and Crisis Counseling Categories:  Church Resources, 

  36. His Heart Our Hands Categories:  Church Resources, 

  37. Hispanic Ministry Video Categories:  Church Resources, 

  38. Holy Bible Categories: 

  39. Holy Bible KJV Categories:  Church Resources, 

  40. Holy Bible KJV Categories:  Church Resources, 

  41. Holy Bible NSRV Categories:  Church Resources, 

  42. How Now Shall We Live? Categories:  Spiritual Growth & Renewal, 

  43. How to Build a Contagious Church Categories:  Spiritual Growth & Renewal, 

  44. How to Build a Hedge of Protection Around the Pastor's Family Categories:  Church Resources, 

  45. I'll Be Back Categories:  Books for Sale, 

  46. Incredible Power of Kingdom Authority, The Categories:  Spiritual Growth & Renewal, 

  47. International Missions Emphasis 2000 Categories: 

  48. Jesus Categories:  Church Resources, 

  49. Jesus On Leadership Categories:  Church Resources, 

  50. Jesus on Leadership Leader's Kit Categories:  Spiritual Growth & Renewal, 

  51. Joy and Hope Spiritual Growth Series Categories: 

  52. Kingdom Principles Categories:  Church Resources, 

  53. Looking Back, Moving Forward Categories:  Books for Sale, 

  54. Making the Most of Your Marriage Categories:  Spiritual Growth & Renewal, 

  55. Marriage Without Regrets Categories:  Spiritual Growth & Renewal, 

  56. Meeting Needs, Sharing Christ Categories:  Church Resources, 

  57. Mentoring Categories:  Church Resources, 

  58. Ministry in the Mountains Categories:  Church Resources, 

  59. New Investment Opportunity? Absolutely! Categories:  Church Resources, 

  60. On Mission With God Categories:  Spiritual Growth & Renewal, 

  61. Operation Christmas Child Categories:  Church Resources, 

  62. Our Christian Hope Categories:  Spiritual Growth & Renewal, 

  63. PRAISE! Our Songs and Hymns Categories:  Church Resources, 

  64. Prayer of Jesus, The Categories:  Spiritual Growth & Renewal, 

  65. Preaching that Connects Categories:  Spiritual Growth & Renewal,  Church Resources, 

  66. Preventive Legal Maintenence Categories:  Church Resources, 

  67. Purpose Driven Youth Ministry Simulcast Categories:  Spiritual Growth & Renewal,  Church Resources, 

  68. Revolving Choices: Playing Roulette With Life Categories:  Books for Sale, 

  69. Rising Above The Magnetic Pull of the Refrigerator Categories:  Spiritual Growth & Renewal, 

  70. Serving God Categories:  Spiritual Growth & Renewal, 

  71. Simple Strategies for Spiritual Warfare Categories:  Spiritual Growth & Renewal,  Church Resources, 

  72. Southern Baptist Convention 1999 Annual Categories:  Church Resources, 

  73. Southern Baptist Convention 1990 Annual Categories:  Church Resources, 

  74. Southern Baptist Convention 1998 Annual Categories:  Church Resources, 

  75. Southern Baptist Convention 2002 Categories:  Church Resources, 

  76. Suggested Form of Constitution and Bylaws for Churches Categories:  Church Resources, 

  77. Taking Back Christmas and Other Family Celebrations Categories:  Books for Sale, 

  78. Teamwork in Church Leadership Categories:  Spiritual Growth & Renewal,  Church Resources, 

  79. The Baptist Faith and Message Categories:  Spiritual Growth & Renewal,  Church Resources, 

  80. The Baptist Hymnal Categories:  Church Resources, 

  81. The Character of Leaders Categories:  Spiritual Growth & Renewal,  Church Resources, 

  82. The Cross or the Crescent Categories:  Church Resources, 

  83. The Harvest: A modern-day parable that will touch your heart Categories:  Spiritual Growth & Renewal,  Church Resources, 

  84. The Jesus I Never Knew Categories:  Church Resources, 

  85. The Mind of Christ Categories:  Spiritual Growth & Renewal, 

  86. The Present Future: Tackling Six Tough Questions for the Church Categories:  Church Resources, 

  87. The State of the Church 2000 Categories:  Spiritual Growth & Renewal,  Church Resources, 

  88. The tasks of Church and Association: An Introduction Categories:  Church Resources, 

  89. The Tasks of Church and Associational Clerks Categories:  Church Resources, 

  90. TN Baptist Convention 1963 Journal Categories:  Church Resources, 

  91. TN Baptist Convention 1998 Journal Categories:  Church Resources, 

  92. TN Baptist Convention 2000 Journal Categories:  Church Resources, 

  93. Truth Matters Categories:  Spiritual Growth & Renewal, 

  94. Vision of His Glory Categories:  Women's Ministries, 

  95. Watchman Prayer Ministry Planning Categories:  Spiritual Growth & Renewal,  Church Resources, 

  96. When will we Cry: A Christian Call to Action Categories: 

  97. Why Nobody Learns Much of Anything at Church: And How to Fix it Categories:  Spiritual Growth & Renewal, 

  98. Zip For Kids Categories:  Church Resources,  Children's Ministries,