Church/Community Impact Strategist

Job Description

The Community / Church Impact Strategist is a full-time position with salary and benefits provided that are commensurate to experience and responsibilities.



In general, the Church/Community Impact Strategist is responsible for helping healthy leaders lead healthy churches to get on board with God's mission through the CBN. The candidate shall be granted the authority and provided the resources to accomplish the work. This includes strategic leadership in supporting:

  • Ocoee Outreach Director. Serves as Director of Ocoee Outreach by fulfilling its Strategic Blueprint (click to view).

  • Community Impact Work Group. Serves in all areas related to networking and fellowship.

  • Church Impact Work Group. Serves in all areas related to evangelism development and equipping churches to fulfill Acts 1:8.


Specifically, the Church/Community Impact Strategist is responsible to:

  • Provide strategic missionary leadership. Lead the entire association of churches to develop a mission strategy for CBN with particular emphasis on helping CBN churches maintain a missions perspective; instigate or start new initiatives; establish points of witness; interpret to CBN the needs of people in CBN's region for evangelism, ministry, or missions attention; lead in enlisting, placing, training, and supervising volunteers in missions, and in developing missions strategy for CBN.

  • Provide tools and metrics to gauge church and community ministry health for churches. The Church/Community Impact Strategist will research and provide tools to help church leaders assess the health of their congregation for mission impact.

  • Provide general leadership and administration. Give general leadership in areas of responsibility focused on making Kingdom Impact in Southeast, TN through all aspects of CBN life; establish priorities for allocating time, money, and other resources; administer processes such as planning, organizing, communicating, training, and evaluating.



  • Work with lay leaders. Help coach and mentor CBN laity to greater spiritual, personal, relational, and missional health.

  • Work with churches. Help CBN churches to develop a commitment to missional involvement in their communities. Additionally, the Impact Strategist will assist in acting as a liaison and resource to all community partners who need assistance.

  • Work with student volunteers. Coach and mentor CBN student pastors, students and Ocoee Outeach student volunteers to discover God’s divine design.

  • Strengthen relationships among churches. Encourage CBN to be a family of healthy churches or a network through which churches mutually give and receive assistance, foster fellowship and mutual commitments among churches of CBN, lead churches to develop a sufficient degree of unity in faith and practice to fellowship and work together; and create an environment in which healthy churches want to be on mission together.

  • Maintain denominational and other external relationships. Relate as appropriate to other associations, state conventions, Southern Baptist Convention, other Baptist bodies, and other denominations or religious bodies; business, social, educational, and welfare agencies; and city, county, state, and national governments. Interpret the denomination to churches and churches to the denomination.


Minimum Qualifications:

  • Biblical. The candidate shall meet the qualities of a spiritually mature leader.

  • Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university.

  • Experience leading high-school and college students.

  • Demonstrated experience with volunteer coordination.

  • Strong interpersonal and people skills with the ability to cultivate and maintain long-term relationships

  • Ability to work independently with limited supervision (oversight); take initiative and be a self-starter

  • Ability to multi-task and demonstrate effective time management skills.

  • Strong written and verbal communication skills

  • Ability to maintain positive working relationships with internal and external partners

  • Strong organizational and time management skills with a proven track record of meeting deadlines and juggling completing requests and tasks; strong ability to prioritize

  • Ability to use creativity to plan and execute tasks; ability to be resourceful

  • Proficient in Desktop Publishing Software, Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Outlook, Access, and PowerPoint)

To apply for this job, please submit a resume and cover letter to