Instructions for Using the Block Party Trailer


  1. Check calendar (above) to see if desired dates are open. The trailer is only for use for evangelistic purposes and must remain in the greater local vincity.

  2. Contact us by email or phone.

  3. Check the Block Party Trailer Calendar to make sure dates are locked in.

  4. The Block Party Trailer will reside at the CrossNet Baptist Network office at 2707 North Ocoee Street in Cleveland, Tennessee.

  5. A $50 maintenance fee is required for network church use ($75 for non-network). Make check or money order payable to the CrossNet Baptist Network marked “Block Party Trailer” and send to: 2707 North Ocoee Street, Cleveland, TN 37312.

  6. Check-in & Check-out policy The Block Party Trailer must be checked in (complete the check list inside the trailer on the clipboard) both before and after use by the borrowing church. It is required that the checklist be completed before the trailer leaves the CrossNet parking lot. (Bring a flashlight if needed.)

  7. Both checklists must be either dropped off to CrossNet or immediately emailed to the office. Failure to immediately submit both of these checklists will result in a $25 service fee for the borrowing church.

  8. If any item is broken or missing, you must notify our office immediately at 423-476-5493. If items are reported missing, a reference will be made to required checklists. Missing items will then become the financial responsibility of the last church using the equipment. Cost for repair of equipment broken during normal use will be the responsibility of the association.

  9. Always clean the food preparation equipment before using it.

  10. The directions for proper cleaning are within the trailer (where the clipboard is) inside. Please read them carefully and gently clean the machine.