Welcome to the CrossNet Baptist Network! A network of churches in Southeast Tennessee.

Thank you, CrossNet Pastors, for your service to God and your flock!

Our Vision is to encourage, equip and empower the cooperating churches in our area to fulfill their
Great Commission vision locally and globally by providing resources and opportunities to be "on-mission" with God.
Our mission is to Exalt the Savior, Encourage the Shepherds, Equip the Saints and
Empower through Prayer.

From Phil Taylor, Director of Missions

Growing Well in Our Time   

     Cleveland, Tennessee, is growing dramatically in population, diversity, and lostness. Cleveland, Tennessee, may not be a major city in the United States, but we are like many communities where our city is a rapidly changing mission field, with people from all over the world residing here.

     Stanley McChrystal wrote in his book, Team of Teams, that the world has shifted from being complicated to complex and predictable to unpredictable.

     Cleveland, Tennessee is making a shift.

     To reach this mission field, we must have the ability to adapt quickly to changing circumstances.

     As the organization closest to churches, Baptist networks (associations) can provide a missions context from which churches can effectively reach their communities with the Gospel of Christ. In fact, I believe Baptist associations are so essential to local missions that if they were to cease to exist today, Great Commission churches would recreate them tomorrow.

     Such is the strategic importance of a local team of churches, particularly because of the vital community connections, geographical proximity, and leveraging of resources such a team provides.

     CrossNet Baptist Network has trusted relationships with pastors and churches, developed over many years. The CrossNet staff collectively has more than 125 years of ministry involvement in the Southeast, TN area, resulting in meaningful connections with ministry partners and community leaders all over the city.

     The value of existing relationships in connecting churches and individuals to Great Commission strategies cannot be overstated. CrossNet brings a network of relationships to a potential mission endeavor.

     These connections provide new opportunities to work together and new partnerships for a much greater impact for Christ.

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Upcoming Events with CrossNet

-Annual Church Profiles are due now. Tuesday, October 25 is the final day. Please let us know if we can help you with the ACP. ACP information can be entered online. Instructions are enclosed in your packets. If you have questions, please call Mike at the CrossNet office at (423) 476-5493. This information is very important to the network. Thank you for your help.

-On October 27 at 6:30pm, we will have a business session for the annual meeting. It will be at West Cleveland Baptist Church at 6:30pm. This brief session takes the place of the Sunday Night Annual Homecoming, as recommended by the Ministry Development Team. Messengers shall be elected by the respective cooperating churches using this formula: Each church of 50 members or less shall be entitled to 3 messengers with one additional messenger for each 50 members above the first 50, provided no church is entitled to more than 10 members.

-This year, as part of the usual Homecoming Celebration, we will hold a Pastors and Staff Christmas Banquet, December 1st at Candies Creek. This year's theme is "An Old Fashioned Christmas." Christian comedian and entertainer Tim Lovelace will be the special guest. Tickets will be $10 each. More information about the tickets and the dinner that evening will be forthcoming.

-Two trips are now planned for Spring Break 2017 as we continue our DC Partnership. Dates are March 11-16, 2017, and March 18-23, 2017. For more information, click HERE.

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