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Our Vision is to encourage, equip and empower the cooperating churches in our area to fulfill their
Great Commission vision locally and globally by providing resources and opportunities to be "on-mission" with God.
Our mission is to Exalt the Savior, Encourage the Shepherds, Equip the Saints and
Empower through Prayer.

From Phil Taylor, Director of Missions

Spiritual Maturity

In 30+ years of ministry I have never, never, not even once heard a pastor say something like this:  “My people are so spiritually mature that we are going to work on growth, missions, and building.”

Not only have I not heard this, but I do not expect to. Spiritual maturity among believers is the elusive goal that many pastors face each day as they lead churches. It is not that individuals cannot be or are not spiritually mature but rather that congregations never quite reach maturity. The reasons for this are obvious, and they include:

The constant influx of new believers means that the maturity level of a church is always in process of development and never complete. This is as it should be, and there is nothing at all wrong with this. In fact, it is what we all want to experience in our churches. A constant blend of Christians, new Christians, and unbelievers we are seeking to reach means that our churches are healthy.

The Christian life is a journey and not a destination. We do not arrive as believers at some point in our journey never to change again. We are constantly growing and changing as the Lord transforms us into the very image of Christ. Sanctification takes place throughout life so individuals and congregations are never all they can be or will become. Congregations can grow spiritually, and they can display signs of wisdom and maturity, but there is always another part to the journey.

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In His Grace,


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Have you heard of the four spiritual laws? Just as there are physical laws that govern the physical universe, so are there spiritual laws that govern your relationship with God.

The Four Spiritual Laws